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Attention: Web Gallery Wizard has been replaced by Shozam!

Web Gallery Wizard is a discontinued old product. The new Shozam product adds support for audio, video, maps, PayPal, custom HTML and much more... Go to the new Shozam website for details and to download the FREE TRIAL.


PRESS RELEASE: Introducing Web Gallery Wizard

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Press release


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New Web Gallery Wizard Downloadable Software Offers a Photo Sharing Alternative to Email, Online Service and Burning Images to CDs/DVDs


KIRKLAND, WA, December 6, 2004 – KOMOTION, Inc. today announced the release of Web Gallery Wizard™ 1.2, the essential new tool for anyone who wants to create photo album Web pages quickly, with professional results. Web Gallery Wizard enables users to showcase their images by creating their own personal Web albums, ready to post online, without knowing HTML. Recently posted on, the application already claims a “popular” rating.

“Anyone who has sent photos via email, uploaded images to an online sharing service or burned images to a CD to be mailed or hand-delivered, knows how time consuming and frustrating these options can be,” said Razvan Neagu, CEO of KOMOTION, Inc. “Now with Web Gallery Wizard, there is a better solution. With just a few clicks, users can generate their own photo album website, post it online, and share more photos with more style in less time with less hassle. For those who want to ‘try before they buy,’ we offer a free trial download, available from our website at”

Unlike other programs that create Web album pages, Web Gallery Wizard is a specialized utility which provides the best solution for this growing consumer need. It combines exceptional ease of use, patent-pending user interface innovations and professionally designed, interchangeable themes.

In five simple steps the wizard generates a Web Gallery, ready for posting online to any Web host. Users simply import and arrange photos into albums, write image captions and album descriptions, select from several built-in professionally designed themes, or browse more available online. They name the gallery and generate it with the click of a button. It’s that easy.

Web Galleries created with Web Gallery Wizard are professionally designed, personalized and hold virtually unlimited albums and photos. Available only from Web Gallery Wizard, QuickView™ navigation enables viewers to see photos and thumbnails at-a-glance. Web Galleries also feature animated intros, slideshow looping, and a high resolution image option for printing.

With QuickView navigation, image viewing is a breeze. Albums are indexed on one page and accessed with one click; no more linear, photo-by-photo clicking to find that great shot. No switching between windows; scrolling is kept to a minimum. Just select any thumbnail and the image appears conveniently in the showcase frame on the same page. Click the Slideshow button to view a self-running, photo-by-photo automatic loop.

Web Galleries are generated on the user’s computer and not dependent on changing restrictions imposed by Web hosts. The user has complete control of the Web Gallery and their choice of Web hosts. Intrusions can be kept to a minimum with no ads, pop-ups or spam. Viewers don’t need to register to see a Web Gallery; they simply navigate their browser to the Web Gallery’s website.

In addition to sharing photos of family and friends, Web Gallery Wizard photo pages can showcase club or organization events; liven up online dating portfolios and message forums; and enhance postings, web logs or eBay auctions. Users can snap photos of labels from their favorite wines, import the label photos into Web Gallery Wizard, enter tasting notes in the image caption field and create their own wine tasting journals.

Users with existing personal websites can easily augment their Web presence with professionally designed album pages. With basic technical skills they can extend the Web Gallery Wizard’s functionality, which is based on XML and other open standards. Possibilities are limited only by the user’s imagination.

Web Gallery Wizard combines powerful functionality, ease of use and beautiful design. Users can:

  • Organize a virtually unlimited number of photos into albums
  • Include high resolution files enabling enlarged images suitable for printing
  • Preview, rotate and adjust thumbnail cropping
  • Add album descriptions and photo captions
  • Batch-import and batch-caption images for even faster Web Gallery creation
  • Preview at-a-glance, thumbnails of all photos in an album
  • Select from built-in and online themes to customize Web Galleries with professional designs
  • Add new photos to existing albums with just a few mouse clicks for convenient updates
  • Efficiently share photos quickly, easily and securely with personal web pages
  • Navigate galleries, albums and photo pages with ease
  • View a self-running slideshow of Web Gallery images

Web Gallery Wizard is available right now. To find out more, view a sample Web Gallery, purchase the software or download a free trial, go to Web Gallery Wizard supports all main Web browsers and image formats, was designed for Microsoft® Windows® XP, 2000, ME, 98 and is priced at just $19.95.

About KOMOTION, Inc.

Established in 1997, KOMOTION, Inc. ( provides software products, marketing consulting and multimedia design services that help customers showcase their digital media online.


“Web Gallery Wizard” and “QuickView” are trademarks of KOMOTION, Inc., patents pending.


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Download and print this press release as a PDF file. (54 KB)