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Attention: Web Gallery Wizard has been replaced by Shozam!

Web Gallery Wizard is a discontinued old product. The new Shozam product adds support for audio, video, maps, PayPal, custom HTML and much more... Go to the new Shozam website for details and to download the FREE TRIAL.


Reviews & testimonials

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Reviews and awards

Photoshop TV - recommends Web Gallery Wizard to get your photos onto the Web

Recommended by NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals)

“We get a lot of emails from people who want to put their galleries onto the Web. Well, KOMOTION has released a new product. It’s called Web Gallery Wizard. It’s got a lot of great templates for getting your photos, your images, onto the Web.”

— Matt Kloskowski
Photoshop News, Photoshop TV, NAPP
April 17, 2006

Download 3k - Best Web image album creator

5 out of 5 from Download 3k for Web Gallery Wizard


Download 3k - Best online photo gallery generator

5 out of 5 from Download 3k for Web Gallery Wizard PRO


Top Shareware - Top online photo album program

5 out of 5 from Top Shareware

"Your product Web Gallery Wizard has been awarded the TOP score of 5-star by our editor!"


Download2you - Great Flash gallery generator

5 out of 5 from Download2you

"Web Gallery Wizard PRO has been awarded the highest 5 out of 5 stars for the category Web Development - Web Design Utilities"


Download2you - Best slideshow generator

5 out of 5 from Download2you

"Web Gallery Wizard has been awarded the highest 5 out of 5 stars for the category Web Development - Web Design Utilities" - Best Web album utility

5 out of 5 from


Sofotex - Top photo gallery generator

5 out of 5 from Sofotex

"Your software [Web Gallery Wizard AND Web Gallery Wizard PRO] has been awarded 5 Star rating by our editors."


Brothersoft - Excellent image gallery album

5 out of 5 from BrotherSoft

"BrotherSoft Review Staff gives Web Gallery Wizard the maximum 5 out of 5 rating because this product is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and so on."


Brothersoft - Easiest to use Web photo gallery

5 out of 5 from BrotherSoft

"BrotherSoft Review Staff gives Web Gallery Wizard PRO the maximum 5 out of 5 rating because this product is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and so on."


Tech Talk, East Orlando Sun
April 13-19, 2005

"The template (aka 'themes') offered by Web Gallery Wizard are smooth, professional-looking, visually stunning."

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— Charles Martin


"This product is easy to configure and use. Many great looking web templates to choose from. Functional FTP client. Good documentation and help files. Terrific technical support. No other web gallery program that I looked at can hold a candle to this program."

— Paul Kane, Falls Church, VA


"Very cool software!"

— P R Sepanski, Austin, TX


"It's simply great software. It is actually the only one that does EXACTLY what I need...and I did a lot of research."

— Hughes Lessard, Iqaliut, Canada


"I was trying out your software, and it is, by far, the best website software for creating photo galleries."

— Tom Morrissey, Simi Valley, CA

"Web Gallery Wizard is impressive. I made an album in five minutes flat. Quite solid. I like the animated themes."

— Vlad Bina, Los Angeles, CA


"It was just 'click, click' and I was done. Very polished!"

— Scott Davis, Kirkland, WA


"I love your photo gallery."

— Diane Moore

"It was easy to incorporate into my existing website. I was using Macromedia Web Photo Album extension, but the Web Gallery Wizard output is far superior."

— Matthew Warne, Santa Barbara, CA


"I selected 47 images to make into an album, and I was amazed at how easy and FAST the transfer was from my computer to the gallery page. I loved the way I could download my photos into a gallery theme that fit my style."

— Stacie Clark, Bothell, WA


"Suffice to say I am now a happy bunny and really pleased with the look of my pictures.

My real reason for the site is to share stuff with the rest of my family, who are scattered all over the planet and thanks to your software I can now do that.

I tried out a few other programs that I downloaded form the web and "WGW" came out tops.

Thanks very much."

— Ron Beaumont, Reading, UK



Thank you for uncomplicated software that does what I want.

One aspect I like is that web gallery wizard pro bundles all the picture files for you AND automatically makes thumbnails.

The best features of more complicated software has been boiled down in simple to use program.

The simple GUI is powerful, you can then customize the generated gallery even further.

I had demo'd 5 other products before choosing Web Gallery Wizard.

— Michael Coviello

"My Professional life consist of High End Remodeling. I work for Reilly Development Inc, owned by Chris Reilly. The Associates I have worked with, range from Interior Designers and County Officials to Cabinetry Craftsman and Award Winning Architects. Because of the nature of our remodel jobs, most of the time our clients are out of their home or out of the country. As a team, we are in constant communication with each other. This is where Web Gallery Wizard fits into this team work.

We take pictures of our work daily. Now our Clients, Designers, Architects, Sub-Contractors as well as our own staff, can simply log onto the internet and view the progress being made. We work in Northern Virginia, where going 10 miles could take you 5 hours. Now when anyone has a question, they simply refer to a date and picture discription. No more travel time, no more traffic jambs. It takes me less then 5 min to add these pictures daily!

This program is so easy to use that both my 9 year old and 3 year old Grand Daughters use it to build our own family albums. The Themes that come with this program are as Professional Looking as I have ever seen. IF YOU USE IT ONCE, YOU WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER PHOTO GALLERY PROGRAM AGAIN!"

— Dana Tucker, Jil Construction


"Awesome product! I have spent years fumbling around with elementary level galleries that take hours to create. I downloaded the trial, saw how easy it was, and I was hooked.

I have tried many gallery creation software packages and this was by far the easiest and most professional looking one I discovered."

— Duane Weaver, Manheim, PA


"I have recently been trying different software packages that produce web galleries and Web Gallery Wizard is by far the best."

— John McFadden


"Absolutely the best gallery software available today. It actually encouraged me to create a new site and photo galleries for my visitors. As a professional music photographer, I require the best of everything - from my camera and lenses, right down to Web Gallery Wizard Pro. Thank you for this great software."

— Dan Savoie, Savoie Entertainment


"Great tool you have developed - congratulations! I am very happy with your great piece of software as well as your valuable help desk and feedback."

— Bernard Standaert, Anzegem, Belgium


"A friend recommended your software. Did a trial - and I love it. NICE JOB!!! [...]

Very polished graphics - GOOD functionality - and fast speed. [...]

You guys are the greatest - I love your stuff - AND YOU ARE VERY CUSTOMER FOCUSED!!"

— Ray Lasky, North Windham, CT


"Fantastic, easy-to-use product. More themes would be great."

— Gareth Edwards, Strathaven, UK


"I have just found the Web Gallery Wizard on and it is exactly what I want."

— Jon Withers, Langley, UK


"I have just finished importing 51 wedding pictures, rotated them, and 'boom,' I had a beautiful gallery. The Hearts theme was perfect. I absolutely love the fade in between pictures as well. It really is just gorgeous."

— Scott Davis, Kirkland, WA


"Very slick and amazingly easy to use! One of the best programs I've ever ordered online."

— Peter Tilbrook, Queanbeyan, Australia


"Really nice user experience and very professional website with clear download instructions. The installation was flawless."

— Eddie Yip, Seattle, WA


"The simplicity and speed are amazing!"

— Horia Dociu, Redmond, WA


"You guys did it! You're awesome customer service people! Thanks for helping. If you ever need a recommendation from me - you got it. [...]

What a fast program!! [...]

You guys sure are responsive - I'm impressed - and will tell my friends. [...]

Thanks again [...] NICE JOB.

Nice Product - You must be very proud!!"

— Ray Lasky, North Windham, CT


"Thank you very much. I think your software is fantastic."

— Sharon Cheatham, Detroit, MI


"From my digital camera, I now have thousands of pictures on my computer. Our family and friends are spread across the country, and I got tired of their pestering for updates and emailing large attachments to everyone. I looked into sharing sites, but wasn't wild about forcing people to register in order to see my pics and having them display ads to their up-sell services.

A computer-savvy friend recommended Web Gallery Wizard [Pro] and I downloaded the free trial version. I imported my photos and had all my photos showcased in an impressive gallery. I love the slideshow option. Thanks for an awesome product! "

— Scott McNeel, Redmond, WA


"Great software! Love it."

— Jerry Hyett, Moncton, Canada


" I am incredibly impressed with Web Gallery"

— Claire Philpott, UK


" I love your program."

— Peter Klejszta


"I am very pleased with the product."

— Nick Tsiftelidis, Melbourne, Australia


" I love your program."

— Robbie Rez, Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you for producing what looks to be a great solution for building web galleries."

— Steve Gursey, Garfield, NJ

"Congratulations on your excellent software [...] I think your program is wonderful. [...]

Thanks much. Getting a personal patch was well beyond my expectations.

I think your software is terrific."

— David Bangs, Issaquah, WA

"I just tried out your program and was impressed and purchased the full version. [...] I like the ease of use and the professional look."

— Scott Cramer, Vail, CO



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