Introduction – Visual overview

Web Gallery Wizard creates great-looking websites that showcase your images. It's easy, it's fast, and you don't need to know HTML. You can even change the look of your Web Gallery by selecting from different themes. Once you have completed the wizard, you can post your Web Gallery on the Web and share it with others.

Web Gallery structure

Images are organized into albums. Albums are organized into a Web Gallery:

Images › Albums › Web Gallery

A Web Gallery is a website (collection of Web pages) containing

  • Home page — lists all albums, with a thumbnail and description for each album.
  • Album index page — lists all images in that album, with a thumbnail for each image.
  • Large image frames — appear to the left of the album index and shows the image and its description.


Your images appear here as thumbnails.

Your captions are displayed under each image.

Your album descriptions are next to the thumbnail representing the album.

Your Web Gallery name is displayed prominently on all pages.

Your selected Web Gallery theme is applied to all pages.

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