Step 1: Getting started

Wizard panel screenshots: unrestricted version (PRO shown) and trial version.

All panels - Navigation bar

  • Click on the Back and Next buttons located on the bottom navigation bar to move between the wizard panels.
  • Click Close to exit Web Gallery Wizard.
  • Click Help to view the program Help files.

Attention: You do not need to create a new Web Gallery if you just want to add more images or album(s) – select the Modify an existing Web Gallery option for this purpose. After you have created your first Web Gallery, select the Create a new Web Gallery option only if you want to create additional websites.

About this panel

Attention: To save your work, you must complete the wizard by generating your Web Gallery.

Your Web Gallery project settings are automatically saved when you generate the Web Gallery, on the last wizard panel. You cannot save your work manually.

If you are working on a large project and need to leave it before you're finished, go ahead and generate your gallery, even if it is incomplete. When you return to your project, select the Modify an existing Web Gallery option in the Step 1: Getting started panel, and you can proceed from where you left off.

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