Step 2: Manage images in this album

Wizard panel screenshots: before and after adding images.

This panel lets you manage all images that are part of one album. If you want to manage images which are part of another album, click Next to go to Step 3, and select the album that you want to modify.

When you create a new Web Gallery, the images you add in Step 2 will automatically become part of your first album. To create more albums, click Next to go to Step 3.

Tip: Mouse over an image to see more useful information about that image. Right-click on an image to see more options.

Tip: Choosing images featured on intro page. Some themes have a selection of images (up to 9) featured on the left side of the gallery intro page (the home page of your image gallery). The program automatically selects the images, usually the most recently added or modified images in your Web Gallery.

You can easily change which images are displayed on the intro page by right-clicking on an image thumbnail and selecting the Intro image number (from 1 to 9). When you do that, the program will change from an "automatic" mode of image assignment, to a "manual" mode. You can choose other images and assign them to the intro page by right-clicking on the thumbnail and assigning another position.

Each Intro image number has a specific place on the left side of the intro page. You may need to assign and preview your gallery a few times before you get the images that you want in the place that you want them to appear.

For best results, please assign at least as many images as are featured in the intro page of your favorite theme. You can revert at any time to the "automatic" mode of having the program choose the images for you, by right-clicking on any thumbnail and selecting Set all intro images to auto.

About this panel

Tip: A thumbnail of the first image in this panel will represent the album.

Tip: Clicking on image files selects one image at a time. Press Ctrl key and click image files to select multiple images. Press the Shift key and click image files to select the range of images between the two selected.

Tip: If you have high resolution image files, the wizard will make them web and sharing friendly by shrinking down their size. If you also want to share images at their original resolution, enable the Source image checkbox (See Source image).

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