Add/Remove images

To Add images

  • Click Add images to browse your files for the images you want to include in an album.
  • Click on the image files that you want to add to your album, and then click Open to import your images into the wizard.

Web Gallery Wizard imports the selected images into the panel window and opens them as thumbnails. This convenient thumbnail preview makes it easy to see images you added and which ones need to be rotated or moved.

Web Gallery Wizard supports all web friendly formats - JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG. The program may shrink the dimensions of your images so they will fit the Web Gallery but it will not convert your images in another format.

Tip: You may want to convert your images in another format, depending on the source and use of your images. JPG is usually the best choice for photographs. GIF offers a good option for illustrations and other flat color artwork. BMP displays with most fidelity but, being an uncompressed file format, requires much larger file sizes, which will take longer for viewers to download from the web. PNG is a newer file format which combines some of the strengths of JPG and GIF though some older web browsers are not able to display images of this type.

Attention: you cannot add a folder; you must individually select the image files you want to add.

To Remove images

  • To remove an image, select it in the wizard panel and then click the Remove button.
  • To remove several images at once, use multiple select (Ctrl or Shift modifier keys) and then click the Remove button.

Tip: Clicking on image files selects one image at a time. Press Ctrl key and click image files to select multiple images. Press the Shift key and click image files to select the range of images between the two selected.

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