Image caption

The image file name is used as the image caption by default. The caption will appear under the image, in your Web Gallery. See Visual overview Legend for caption positioning in a Web Gallery.

Attention: If you write a caption for an image, it will not appear under the image in the wizard panel (the image file name will continue to appear).

Tip: Because you may add any length of text as an image caption, you may use this space for lengthy descriptions and explanations.

There are two ways to customize your captions

  • Single caption: Select the image you want to caption, and write it in the text field.
  • Batch caption: If you want to provide the same caption for several images, multiple select the images you want, and write the caption in the text field.

Tip: Clicking on image files selects one image at a time. Press Ctrl key and click image files to select multiple images. Press the Shift key and click image files to select the range of images between the two selected.

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