Custom cropping

Custom cropping is an advanced feature, available when you right-click on an image thumbnail. It changes how thumbnails appear in the generated Web Gallery pages. Please read the detailed explanation below of how this features works.

Attention: This optional adjustment affects only thumbnails appearing in your Web Gallery. See Visual overview, Legend . It will have no effect on the large image in your Web Gallery or on thumbnails in the wizard panel. And, of course, your original source image will not be affected.

Without this feature, all "wider" or "taller" images would result in thumbnails that have horizontal or vertical bars (see red Xs below). Only images that have a precise 3x4 aspect ratio would not show bars.

With this feature, thumbnails can be custom cropped for optimum presentation and design. You can choose to show the most representative part of your image. For example, you can custom crop an image so that a subject's face is captured in the thumbnail, rather than the subject's foot or the sky above.

To custom crop a thumbnail image

  • In the Step 2: Manage images in this album wizard panel, right-click on the image that you want to adjust.
  • In the context menu, select the type of cropping you want (Crop Left/Top, Crop Center, Crop Right/Bottom). See visual explanation below.

Cropping "tall" image thumbnails

Cropping "wide" image thumbnails

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