Step 5: Generate this Web Gallery

Wizard panel screenshots: before and after clicking Generate button.

This is the last step in creating your Web Gallery.

To generate your Web Gallery

  • Type in a name for your Web Gallery and select a file location.
  • Click the Generate Web Gallery button.

A file progress bar will appear while Web Gallery Wizard is processing your images. Once the processing is completed, your Web Gallery is saved to the path you selected. A dialog box will pop up, indicating your Web Gallery is ready to be viewed.

Click OK and your Web Gallery will appear in your default Internet browser.

Tip: To learn more about how to optimize your computer and screen settings for viewing, please see our online article "Adjusting your monitor".

This Web Gallery size

Once you have generated your Web Gallery, this field will show the size of your files. Knowing the total size of your Web pages may be important when uploading to a Web host or otherwise sharing your Web Gallery with others.

Tip: To find out the size of your Web Gallery at any time, you can click the Show created files button, select all files in the explorer window (press Ctrl+A), right-click on the selected area and click Properties.

Show created files

Click this button to open an explorer window containing the files generated by the wizard. To share your Web Gallery with others, you will need access to these files. For more on sharing your Web Gallery, see Share your Web Gallery Help.

Upload Web Gallery to Web host (FTP)

Click this button to open a window containing FTP upload options (only in Web Gallery Wizard PRO version).

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