Display customizable menu bar

Check this box to display a top menu bar that you can customize. By checking this box, a top menu bar template, with customizable options and instructions, will be created and displayed when you generate your Web Gallery. To hide the top menu bar, simply uncheck this box, and when you preview your Web Gallery, the top menu bar will not appear.

The top menu bar files are generated in a folder named Top and placed in the root of your Web Gallery file structure. The HTML files in the Top folder need to be edited in order to customize the appearance of the top menu bar. Any changes you make to the files in the Top folder will appear each time you preview the gallery, as long as the checkbox is checked. You can use any third party HTML editor or Notepad to edit these files. You cannot customize these files using Web Gallery Wizard.

Depending on your level of HTML expertise, you can add almost any graphic or text element by altering the HTML code. For users with a more basic understanding of HTML, we've created a sample menu bar (Top\header.htm) to use as a guide. This will make editing easier by simply replacing the "sample links" in the HTML code with actual links that you choose.

Attention: You need to have a basic understanding of HTML editing in order to customize the top menu bar files. We do not provide technical support for editing HTML files!

If the checkbox is checked:

  • The program checks to see if there is an existing Top folder and files already created for the current Web Gallery and if there are none, it generates them.
  • The Web Gallery preview (available after you generate the Web Gallery) displays the customizable top menu bar above the Web Gallery.

Tip: Note that the program does not overwrite existing Top folder and files. This is done so that you can customize these files and not have your changes written over when you modify your Web Gallery and regenerate all files.

If the checkbox is unchecked:

  • The program will not generate the Top folder and files (and if there is an existing Top folder and files, it will not delete or otherwise modify them).
  • The Web Gallery preview displays only the Web Gallery, without the top menu bar (even if a Top folder and files were previously generated for that Web Gallery).

Tip: If you want to see or link to a Web Gallery and display it by itself, you need to link to the index.htm file residing in the root folder of your Web Gallery.

Tip: If you want to see or link to a Web Gallery and display it with the menu bar on top, you need to link to the default.htm file in the Top folder. This file is a frameset that places header.htm in the top frame and the Web Gallery (index.htm) in the bottom frame.

Attention: To have the top menu bar display on your Web site, you will need to access Top/default.htm and not simply index.htm

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