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March 31, 2006

Introducing Web Gallery Wizard, Version 1.5

New Features Enable Easy Integration of Image Galleries into Existing Web Sites

We want you to be the first to know about the release of our latest version of Web Gallery Wizard (Standard and PRO). Version 1.5 extends the power of our application, particularly for our advanced users. With the click of a button, the wizard generates a menu bar template enabling users with a basic understanding of HTML to edit the files and add their own links (see illustration below). Depending on skill level, you can add almost any graphic or text element by altering the HTML code. Version 1.5 also gives you the ability to select and reorder images in the Flash animation intros, provides FTP support for international characters in file names, and features other user interface enhancements.

We will be announcing the new version to the media early next week. You can access an advanced copy of the press release.

The version 1.5 update is available at no charge for our customers (you must have a paid previous version of Web Gallery Wizard or Web Gallery Wizard PRO installed on your computer). Go to the Version History page of the Web Gallery Wizard Web site and follow the download instructions.

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Screenshot of the wizard checkbox and gallery top menu

Useful links

Top menu bar example
» See gallery showing generated top menu links

Version 1.5 Help Files
» Display customizable menu bar
» Choosing images featured on intro page
» See all help files

Tips and tricks
» Frequently asked questions

» Archived newsletters

Feedback & product support
The Version 1.5 update is a direct result of feedback from our users.
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